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Christmas Requests

happy holidays!

Gah, I haven't been able to do icons in a while. @_@ Since I'm on break and I don't have that much hw to do, I'm opening up requests! Again only 10 icon requests are allowed. And I have a separate list for everyone on my f-list. :D Again only 10 icon requests. (But I can make an exception for you guys ;D)

➀ No animations.
➁ HQ scans please, I don't work well with LQ images. Sorry!
➂ All of the requests will be shareable
➃ Please provide a color reference if you want me to color something.
➄ Request icons only. No banners or any other graphics.


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Image: This one? Let me know if the quality is alright. :3
Size: (Ex. 100x100 150x150)
Color Reference: n/a
Text or Textless: Whichever you want. As for whom, if you can do only Euphemia, the chick, that works. I love the picture so either both of them or just Euphemia, can't decide. XD

Oh and for size, 100x100...too distracted by your awesome banner and my want to find some cool Pokémon images now. XD


Image: This one! And could you do something with the black BG and switch it with any texture? XD Thankies~
Size: 100x100
Color Reference: -
Text or Textless: I prefer textless c:

Thank you and happy holidays! ♥

Re: second!

Uh wait, can I change my pics? Just forget about the last one. XD Sorry for the trouble!

Image: This one~
Size: 100x100
Color Reference: 1 2
Text or Textless: Textless, please!

Image: this? And could you at a texture for the background?
Size: 100x100
Color Reference: N/A
Text or Textless: I prefer textless :3

Thank you very much! And wish you have a happy holiday :D

Image: this one, please~ ^w^ (it's okay if you don't get all 5 in one icon. I just wanna have the boys and the girl between them in one icon :D)
Size: 100x100
Color Reference: -
Text or Textless: I like textless icons better <3

Thank you and happy holidays^^/

Image: 01: last panel with the "it's no big deal"
Size: 100x100
Color Reference: ref
Text or Textless: Textless is fine but if you think of something that would look good, go ahead!

Thank you very much! ♥

Edited at 2009-12-20 12:21 pm (UTC)


Image: the two top ones or the bottom panel, your choice. :D
Size: 100x100
Color Reference: ..pfft no 8D
Text or Textless: textless.

ILU. ♥

Image: this one, the bottom right panel.
Size: 100x100.
Color Reference: you don't need it?
Text or Textless: whatever works best :D

Image: this one
Size: 100x100
Color Reference: none needed
Text or Textless: textless, unless something with text would look good

Image: http://i988.photobucket.com/albums/af8/foreverlast12/Other/391.jpg (Top pannels)
Size: 100x100
Color Reference: I think you are common with Higurashi XD
Text or Textless: Whatever works the best.

Image: ikuto!
Size: (Ex. 100x100 150x150) 100x100
Color Reference: sorry this was all I could get ^^; I don't think the anime showed much of his jacket D:
Text or Textless: textless please

Edited at 2009-12-20 05:10 pm (UTC)

Image: one two
Size: 100x100
Color Reference:
Text or Textless: textless please!